Press Release of NFGR about the authoritarian shut down of Greek public broadcasting (ERT)


Τhe Greek government showed another sample of authoritarianism. In a decision that is not approved by the majority of the Greek parliament, shut down wthin an afternoon public broadcasting, leading to unemployment nearly 3,000 employees, bulging the harsh problem of unemployment (30%) in Greece. The decision was taken at the suggestion of the Troika (European Commision, ECB and IMF) which requires obsessively dismissal of civil servants to be added to the 1.5 million already unemployed.

Although the operation of the public broadcasting was not perfect, it had substantially higher level of information and much better quality of tv and radio programs compared to the Greek private television stations, who have been accused of operating unobjectively and under the business interests of their owners*.

It is worth noting that the signal of ERT (the name of the public broadcasting) fell violently after the government sent police to cut the signal and evacuate the buildings from the technicians. Scenes that evoke memories of “dark days” of modern Greek history

* For the situation of the Greek private media you can see the links below: