ALTER SUMMIT – Athens 7-8 June, 2013: Για μια δημοκρατική, κοινωνική, οικολογική Ευρώπη – For a democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe – Pour une Europe democratique, ecologique, et femisiste






ALTER SUMMITAthens 78 June, 2013
Για μια δημοκρατική, κοινωνική, οικολογική Ευρώπη
For a democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe
Pour une Europe democratique, ecologique, et femisiste
The Alternative Meeting of the European Movements (Alter Summit) held in Athens on 7 and 8 June,2013 was a great gathering of representatives from many countries of Europe, members of national parliaments and the European parliament, union officials and representatives of immigrant communities, members of the civil rights and the peace movement, ecological and feminist organisations.  Activists from all over Europe came to Athens to express their support to the Greek social movement and to reassure their commitment to “a democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe.”
At the meeting, the Athens Manifesto was proclaimed, focusing on the following key areas:
• dealing with debt, with a demand for the immediate cancellation of the Memorandum, suspension of repayments, and national borrowing directly from the European Central Bank with lower interest rates
• reversal of austerity by strengthening taxation justice, developing public investment programmes and safeguarding social and environmental goods
• protection of human rights, with a demand for restoration of the right to collective labour bargaining, termination of social and wage dumping and adoption of an adequate minimum salary for each employee, protection of the right to decent housing, enforcement of equal payment between men and women and social and political integration of migrant men and women.
• and finally, democratisation of the economy under the state control of the private banking system, with a common demand for reconsideration of the huge funding of private banks, imposition of  sound regulations on banks and monetary institutions, through democratic monitoring.
The manifesto expressed the alternative proposals of the social movement against the crisis and proposed a common agenda of actions towards building closer cooperation among movements opposed to modern anti-social and anti-ecological policies, promoted through the neo-liberal model of governance currently prevailing in Europe.
There was held a wide exchange of experiences in thematic assemblies and workshops, discussing the key issues concerning the European people, such as the spread of unemployment and poverty in association with global developments, the rise of racism and neo-Nazism, militarism, environmental degradation and the downgrading of democratic institutions, the crisis of values and the plunder of natural wealth.
A strong message emerging from the works of the Alter Summit was that the neo-liberal simplex is not fatal or inevitable and that “another Europe is possible.”
On Saturday, June 8, after the end of the meeting, a big demonstration took place in the centre of Athens, ending outside the Greek Parliament at Syntagma square, declaring in this way the solidarity of the European civil society with the Greek people.
At the Athens Alter Summit meeting on the part of Nature Friends participated: the FRIENDS of NATURE / NFGR with a kiosk in the exhibition area, the President of NFCZ, Dr.Miroslav Prokes, and a member of the NFDE. For the thematic assemply on environment and the plundering of nature two interventions had been prepared, the President’s of NFGR Konstantinos Foteinakis titled, “The natural,urban and cultural environments are threatened by neoliberalism – it’s our dutyto protect them” and Christina Kourkoula’s on “Women as a factor ofinterception against nature’s plundering”, which, unfortunately, were not presented due to time constraints. These interventions will be posted on the site of NFGR and other relevant blogs.
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Member of the Audit Committee of NFGR and the Feminist Initiative for the Elimination of Violence against Women