NFI | Naturefriends take action to demand full EU lobby transparency now | Οι ΦΙΛΟΙ της ΦΥΣΗΣ στηρίζουν την εκστρατεία – ΥΠΟΓΡΑΦΟΥΜΕ

Full EU Transpareny now! Stop secret lobbying in Brussels.
The EU lobby register is under review and there is a short window of opportunity to influence the outcome for bettertransparency in EU decision-making. 


ALTER-EU has started a petition, which Naturefriends International signed and support (open until 12 November)
Full EU Transpareny now! Stop secret lobbying in Brussels.



Decision-makers in Brussels decide on many areas of law which affect our daily lives. Lobbying works in Brussels, partly because it is able to operate in the shadows, and away from the glare of publicity. Thousands of lobbyists boycott the voluntary EU lobby register including virtually all law firms that lobby on behalf of industry clients. Many of the companies and organisations that do sign up, fail to provide comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on their activities. And unfortunately, the EU institutions seem happy to let this situation continue. 


Οι ΦΙΛΟΙ της ΦΥΣΗΣ/ Naturefriends Greece στηρίζουν την εκστρατεία –  ΥΠΟΓΡΑΦΟΥΜΕ